HBI Software Private Limited has been offering a range of options for organizations looking to outsource software development. Our team works closely with clients, providing a complete project management solution covering the complete life cycle of the project.

Our services include the following :

Software Development Migration and Maintenance Test Services Web Design

Outsourcing to HBI Software's offshore development facility can offer considerable benefits in terms of timescale and cost. HBI software's service includes UK and NZ based project management arm to ensure effective communications.

HBI Software has been providing software outsourcing services to UK, US and NZ markets ever since it started its operations. Our clients include The United Nations, Canon Europe, BT, The WH Consultancy (NZ), Pingar LP, NZ and Acacia Adventure Holidays, UK.

Offshore outsourcing has become considerably easier to manage in the past few years. Standard communication packages such as Skype mean that we can view and speak to our clients at little to no cost. Same day, face to face, communication has significantly reduced the distance ‘worry’.

‘Remote working’ might seem a little daunting. What has worked well with clients over the past few years is our policy of developing client solutions online, in a secure server environment. This means that our clients can monitor the development process daily. We work to mutually agreed milestones and we only invoice on the successful completion of each milestone. Regular communication means that we refine the Requirements Specification to deliver the technical solution that you or your client requires.

Our professional personnel are here to help, guiding you through every aspect of your project.

Please click here to contact one of our sales representatives. Alternatively register with our partnership programme to find out more.

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