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HBI’s Web based email marketing application helps you to create, send, manage, and track responses of your targeted email campaigns. So if you have something to sell or promote, here is the solution! Create quality emails that work and reach out to the masses!

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HBI's Email Marketing Application features:

A powerful Contact List Management Module

To store an unlimited number of contact lists and access them anytime . To create groups and split the contact list amongst them for easy look up, with a pre-defined ceiling to the group size. To build a subscriber list by uploading from the convenience of an excel sheet or even create them from scratch, contact by contact. To effortlessly manage your contact list.

Document Library

To store an unlimited number of documents or images or any adverts which might be useful for your ongoing and future email campaigns.

Customised Email Campaign Creation
Enables you to send hundreds of thousands of emails per month. Built-in campaign validator makes sure your emails go out free of errors. To personalize emails with fonts, colors, images and more. Use your own layout or use one of dozens of email templates created for various business types. Add or manage the attachments of each campaign you create.

Real-Time Analysis of your Email Campaigns
Track all your email campaign data and see each email as it is opened. View which emails were opened, at what time they were viewed, which links were opened, which emails bounced and more. Access all your reporting tools anytime anywhere. Export your reports in Microsoft Excel or text format.

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