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Business24Seven is a powerful Customer Response Management (CRM) System application designed to improve a businesses workflow management process based on that businesses interactions with its customers.

The Business24Seven application provides a core feature set of powerful integrated functions.

The application benefits businesses where there is a need to capture customer information so that the business can determine which are the most appropriate products or services to offer the customer. The application will then track the actions necessary on behalf of the business to deliver the product or service. Every interaction with the customer is tracked so management can assess a comprehensive audit.

Business24Seven goes beyond the mantle of most established CRM applications however. The personalised web accounts for all customers mean that customers can access the application remotely. They can upload as well as download documents from the central customer management database. They can view the status of their own required actions with the business in order for a product or service to be properly delivered. They can request meetings with Account Managers as well as communicate online with the business via the Online Advise Centre.

Since every customer input is tracked, a complete picture of the business – customer relationship is maintained. Any change in customer circumstances can be input via the customer directly into the central customer management database. A system of application alerts will alert Account Managers to any significant changes.

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